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My first experience of martial arts goes back to the early 1980's where I studied karate to black belt level. I joined Shaolin kung Fu around the mid 1980's for what became over 15 years of progressive, self developmental and traditional martial arts training. 

I have been blessed with much success over the years in martial arts competitions and I have  won my fair share of tournaments which include Shaolin national interclub tournaments. The biggest gain for me has been to earn the respect of many martial artist in and out of the Shaolin system, for my skills and abilities.

My last grading for Shaolin was in March 1998, where I obtained my 2nd Dan status.  A long time ago I know, but I have never been grade focused.  I've always believed that you are only as good as the knowledge you possess.  

When master Baron chose to migrate over to the Choi kwang Do system, there was no doubt in my mind that I and fellow students would do the same to continue to learn from his expert tuition.

Pil Sung
Trevor Layne
SAM Dan Instructor
Baron Choi Kwang Do Technical Director


Trevor Layne