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My Martial arts journey started at the age of 14 when I started to learn Shotokan karate. I enjoyed the experience and always enjoyed my classes

After a while in this system I felt that something was missing.
My younger brother had started to learn Shaolin Nam-Pai-Chaun, So I went along to one of his classes which was being taught by master Baron.  I loved what I saw and I joined straight away.  The training was hard, but it had to be, with entering tournaments your fitness had to be good,

It was always fun entering tournaments as we had a great team of individuals and we always had a lot of fun and laughs with each other.

I was also an active member of master Baronís demonstration team, demoís were done in our local area at special events.

I left martial arts for a while and returned to find that master Baron had left the Shaolin system and joined Choi Kwang Do. I joined and also enrolled my daughter. My first impressions on the patterns was that there were a lot of them, and would I be able to learn them all, I find that I really enjoy learning Choi Kwang Do, and after a lot of hard work and continuing training I was presented with my Black Belt in March 2006

I have now become an assistant instructor in Choi Kwang do to help pass on some of what I have learnt from master Baron to others, both young and old as Choi Kwang Do is for everyone. Hereís to my continuing success in Choi Kwang Do under master Baron's tuition.

Pil Sung



Seymour Cameron