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History . . .

I was introduced to martial arts in the early 80's,  where I trained in Wu Shu whilst studying in Southall.  Initially it was difficult but like all new ventures,  you need to start at the ground level and progress.  I then joined Fei Lun Kwan ( The Elephant Fist Form)  which is a Shaolin style martial art,  I was totally hooked on the graceful animal forms with deceptive power incorporated.  

I enjoyed the discipline and team spirit and wanted to learn more.  I was surprised when asked to attend the senior training classes as the junior student by Sifu Jones.  I joined Master Baron under the NPC Shaolin system in the early 90's,  always learning and setting myself goals which I gratefully achieve.


Entered competitions as an individual and as a team and was pleased to walk way uninjured (sometimes) and in First place.  Enjoyed passing on the knowledge and experience I have to new students or those of lower grades.   I have an open mind and  prepared to work hard.

My thanks to all the instructors I have studied with in the past.