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It was never my intention to train as a martial artist, but after attending a short intensive self-defence for women class, I was hooked.  The course was run by Shaolin Nam-Pai-Chaun with Master Christopher Lai and his senior women students; I joined the general class in the early to mid 80ís.  Over time, while training I was invited by Master Baron to join his class in Harlesden.  Since then I havenít looked back.  

Being part of Shaolin NPC Harlesden I had the opportunity and privilege of taking part in numerous demonstrations and competitions. Being the only woman in an all-male competition squad set me up in good stead.  Between 1986 and 1991 I had won 9 trophies and 8 medals taking part in both sparring & forms (patterns) competitions within NPC and outside competitions.

I enjoy all aspects of martial art but I find women self-defence extremely enjoyable and very useful, Iíve taken part in many demonstrations while with NPC, and would say self-defence techniques was one of my specialities.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank and apologise to all those male colleagues who partnered me over those years (remember we had to be as realistic as possible)!  But also enjoy sparring and forms.

In the short time of joining Choi Kwang Do, I have found it very interesting, inspiring, fun, hard but also rewarding and look forward to our future with CKD.

Pil sung

Agnes Toussaint